Corpa Investigation

Kevin Bousquet is the owner of The Corpa Group Inc. a 20 year old licensed & bonded Private Investigation Firm. They are professionals in the industry and maintain a staff of fully qualified investigators in practical experience and academic qualifications. Thier backgrounds are in such diverse disciplines as law, accounting, financial analysis, business planning, management, credit, finance, corporate intelligence, litigation support, government, security & public policing.

Corpa is recognized by some of the most distinguished law firms and corporations in Canada, the United States and abroad.

See Their Website at

Mr. Bousquet has his own TV show “Undercover With Kevin Bousquet” which you can see at: 

Kevin’s Show “Undercover” can also be seen on Persona Digital Cable or Chanell 945 and Satellite Dish.  Satellite : Anik F1R , Downlink frequency 41.0 Mhz , 1050 Mhz. vertical , Chanell 220


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